Review of 2016 Edition CBC/CFC/Egress>ENDED

►Instructor: Kevin Scott (Formerly of ICC) of KH Scott & Associates. Kevin has extensive experience in the development of fire safety, building safety and hazardous materials regulations. Kevin has actively worked for over twenty five years in the development of fire code, building code and fire safety regulations at the local, state, national, and international levels. Kevin previously worked as a Senior Regional Manager with the International Code Council. And before that, he was Deputy Chief for the Kern County Fire Department, California where he worked for 33 years. He has developed and presented many seminars on a variety of technical subjects including means of egress, high-piled combustible storage, hazardous materials, and plan review and inspection practices.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Fire and building department personnel, architects, developers, consultants, or agencies and private individuals responsible for obtaining a permit for construction or scheduling an event. Those responsible for maintaining an existing operating permit should also attend. A full day on egress has been added due to the major changes in the 2016 codes. If your schedule does not permit consecutive days, you do not have to attend one location for all three classes. But you will need proof of payment, since you may not be on the roster at your location of choice. Classes are in July, August and September.

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