On Site Review

We provide on-site fire and life safety review of construction. The on-site review is particularly helpful for “Design Build” projects, for which we are able to provide valuable engineering recommendations for the designed plans. In such cases, we work with the project architect to solve fire code design problems, as well as to recommend ways to achieve code compliance in a cost effective manner. We also assist the General Contractor and Architect in overcoming design challenges discovered by subcontractors, and provide recommendations on providing adequate documentation needed to obtain approval for construction modifications from regulatory agencies.

The onsite review includes observing construction in progress. This involves review of fire resistive construction elements within the project as well as installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms, and other specific fire protection systems. We assist the General Contractor in assuring that required fire resistive elements are constructed and installed according to applicable adopted standards and codes, and can work with the General Contractor’s Quality Control division to achieve this result. The focus is to assist the General Contractor in assuring that all construction is completed according to design plans, but especially according to applicable adopted codes and standards in order to ensure that construction is done correctly the first time, thus minimizing costly revisions.

We are also able to provide liaison services to the state or local fire authorities as an agent of the General Contractor or Architect. This includes recommendations in resolving conflicts or issues with state or local fire authorities.

The principal and associates of the firm have experience as fire code regulators and are able to bring a unique perspective in communicating with the state and local fire authorities to resolve issues and differences. This perspective is focused on positive resolution and not in an adversarial approach.

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