Fire Marshal & Prevention

Staff of the firm have prior experience as fire chiefs and fire marshals. The firm is able to provide local fire departments with a complete list of fire prevention bureau services and programs. These services can be provided on a full time, part time, interim, or piece-work basis. The following is a list of fire marshal and prevention services available:

Fire Marshal. We can provide the local fire department with a fully qualified individual to act as a fire marshal for a specific jurisdiction. This individual will be able to provide oversight of all aspects of the fire prevention bureau. He or she will be experienced in fire code plan review and inspection procedures, including application of State Fire Marshal regulations, fire code construction inspections, fire alarm system design and inspection procedures, and automatic fire sprinkler system design. He or she will also have the experience and knowledge to train and mentor fire inspectors in all aspects of fire prevention.

Fire Inspector. Associates have various levels of experience, but all are qualified and practiced fire inspectors with the knowledge and skills to conduct both basic and complex fire inspections. Associates are well-versed in all of the State Fire Marshal mandated inspection programs. Many have extensive knowledge related to hospitals, public schools, jails and multi-hazard occupancies.

Fire Code Plans Examiner. Associates have extensive experience in fire code plan review and are intimately knowledgeable about the State Fire Marshal requirements for State Fire Marshal regulated occupancies. Associates are also experienced in fire alarm plan review, review of automatic sprinkler systems and specialty fire protection systems.

Large construction project fire code compliance. Associates have extensive experience in managing the fire code compliance of very large construction projects. These associates will work with the project architects, general contractors, and the jurisdiction’s building official throughout the term of the construction process in order to assure effective and proper fire code compliance for the project. Many smaller jurisdictions do not experience construction of large and complex projects within their jurisdiction. Our associates can provide the expertise needed for specific projects of various size and complexity in order to ensure quality fire code compliance.

Several Associates have worked as local fire inspectors or fire marshals and are well versed in the challenges of community risk reduction. Our programs are tailored to the needs of the local fire department. We can provide any of these services on an interim basis while assisting the department in the development of their fire prevention bureau or simply to overcome a temporary staffing shortage. We can provide these services on a part-time contract basis as needed for jurisdictions that do not have need for a full-time position. This will allow experienced and qualified fire code professionals to assist the jurisdiction with technical expertise, and assist staff in the management of fire prevention programs by providing guidance and advice.

Hans Henneberque
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